Pine Creek Tea

We are an Alberta based tea company.

Providing Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Since 2002

Gourmet loose leaf tea usually doesn’t come to the front of your mind when you think of Albertan beverages. However, Pine Creek Tea has been providing top quality gourmet and specialty teas in Alberta since 2002.

The company began by selling mulling spices at local farmer’s markets. As Pine Creek became more popular, Carol, the owner, decided to add tea to the menu for year-round customers. 

“Most people were not familiar with making cider in the summer time. I had always loved tea, so I decided to read up on other spices and herbs, and play around with them. I started with five teas, and it went really well. People started to ask for certain teas, and I asked what the tea had in it. Sometimes I got it close, but not always. But I thank them for giving me more ideas.”

Continuing to pursue her creative passion for tea, Carol now has eighty different flavours, plus the original mulling spice. “It can be served hot for those cold winter days, or chilled in the summer. And it is still very popular!” Carol explains.

Pine Creek Tea and mulling spice is made and packaged in Alberta. Carol tries to keep as close to home as possible in Alberta when finding ingredients and packaging.

“Because I’m a home based business right here in Alberta, I can keep my prices lower than most of my competitors in the malls,” she says.

Come away to Pine Creek

Where the breeze beckons through the evergreens
And the cool clear water bubbles over the rocks
Come away…
From the depends of everyday life
The rushing, the deadlines
Come away…
And take time for reflection
Time for friends
Time for the quiet
Come away to Pine Creek
As close as your kitchen.