About Pine Creek Enterprises

Mulled Cider Spices - They're not just for the holidays!

There seems to be nothing dreamier than the thought of snowflakes gently tumbling to the ground outdoors, while indoors the home is dressed for the holidays with fragrant boughs of holly, colourful decorations, and the wonderful scents of the season wafting through the air.

Nothing conjures up these sweet thoughts more than the aromatic blend of cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, and the other carefully ground and lovingly meshed flavours fo the mulled cider spices.

Pine Creek Enterprises is an Edmonton based company that manufactures and distributes its own blend of packaged dry spices for brewing on the stovetop or in a crockpot with your own choice of fruit juice. An unsweetened juice produces a smooth, healthy, lovely-tasting beverage suitable for adults, children, and even those with diabetic concerns.

Many of the spices, long touted for their health and healing properties and benefits, create a delightful combination that can be easily enjoyed hot (warm and soothing on a cold day), or cool (refreshing on a hot, sunny day); in other words, "Any time of the year!"

Pine Creek Enterprises Mulled Cider Spices are not just for the holidays, but rather for anytime one might seek a pleasant break from the ordinary. The mulled spice beverage is a comfort drink - a stop and enjoy moment - in a sometimes stressful and busy world.

Carol Andriashek was born and raised in Sheffield/Yorkshire, England, and came to Edmonton in 1983, where she worked, married, and had her children, a girl and a boy, now 17 and 14 years of age respectively.

In 2002, Carol made a decision to enrich her life in a new direction, and purchased Pine Creek Enterprises, a small but already established mulling spice business based in Edmonton. She has since expanded her inventory to include a wide assortment of teas and brewing accessories. Sales are mainly via markets, gift shows and word-of-mouth.

This new endeavour has allowed her time to spend with her children coupled with the challenge of manufacture, production and conversation; three things she has found to be very successfully fulfilling.

For further product information or to place an order, please explore our website. One may contact us by using our contact form. Group fundraising is available.